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Destination Set To Nowhere

Destination Set To Nowhere
Genre Heavy Metal
Erschienen 14.09.2012
EAN-Code 4029759081234
Label earMUSIC
Laufzeit 00:51:22
Künstler Vision Divine

In 2012, Vision Divine sign with the highly acclaimed label earMUSIC/Edel Germany, and they are ready to release their new album, titled “Destination Set To Nowhere“. The album is a melting pot, a perfect mix of all the styles the band has crossed and experimented with over the years. Nevertheless, the concept album is kept in their well-known style, spiced up with a futuristic twist. The high-class production adds up to the unbelievably driven sound.
“Destination Set To Nowhere” clearly is Vision Divine’s most mature and well produced album up to this point! Strong of a new worldwide record deal, it leads the band into a new, an even bigger musical dimension. Songs like “The Dream Maker”, “Beyond The Sun And Far Away” and “Mermaids From Their Moons” all prove this, all featuring powerful melodies and a vivid style. Strong anthems meet heavy songs.

Without a doubt, Vision Divine’s destination is set to conquer the Olympus of heavy metal!

Vision Divine is:
Fabio Lione: Vocals
Olaf Thorsen: Guitars
Federico Puleri: Guitars
Alessio Lucatti: Keyboards & Piano
Andrea “Tower” Torricini: Bass
Alessandro Bissa: Drums
1. S´i fosse foco
2. The Dream Maker
3. Beyond The Sun And Far Away
4. The Ark
5. Mermaids From Their Moons
6. The Lighthouse
7. Message To Home
8. The House Of The Angels
9. The Sin Is You
10. Here We Die
11. Destination Set To Nowhere

Alessio Lucatti
Vision Divine
S'I Fosse Foco