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Freitag, 24. Februar 2012
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Regardless of the hostility often received by the critics, Progressive Rock is a genre that renews itself constantly thanks to the loyalty and dedications of fans.
DeeExpus debut “Halfway Home” (2008) was critically acclaimed all over the world and the band secured the Classic Rock Society’s award for “Best New Band” in 2009.
It was with great joy and surprise that many prog rock fans welcomed the news that for the recording of their second studio album “The King Of Number 33” they joined forces with no other than Marillion’s founding member and keyboarder Mark Kelly. The album will be released worldwide on March 23, 2012 on earMUSIC/Edel.

Marillion have been defined the fathers of the new prog movement in England, they sold millions, to develop in a sophisticated art-pop band with a following second to no other, since singer and songwriter Steve Hogarth joined the band in 1989.
The first four albums, so rich of progressive references, remain among the favourites for the fans of the most classical prog sounds. Mark Kelly returns for the first time to the sound of those albums with DeeExpus.
DeeExpus’ first album drew comparisons to bands like Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Riverside and… the early Marillion-sound. The meeting between Andy Ditchfield (DeeExpus’ mastermind) and Marillion’s keyboard player and songwriter Mark Kelly seems the most logical, after listening to the sound of “King Of Number 33”.
With this, Kelly, who established neo-prog together with Marillion, returns to his musical roots, before returning to Marillion for their long awaited new studio album, due in 2012.
The band’s current line-up also consists of lead vocalist Tony Wright (music, lyrics), Michael McCrystal on guitar, John Dawson on bass and Henry Rogers on drums.

Written by Andy Ditchfield and Tony Wright, the album centers around the 27 minute epic title track “King Of Number 33”. The six chapter long song describes the downfall of a local eccentric from singer Tony Wright’s childhood, arising from the lunatic’s obsession with busses and past King and Queens of England. To this tale, Andy Ditchfield applies his broad musical palette. The album features a vocal guest appearance by Nik Kershaw (“Wouldn’t It Be Good”) on the song “Memo”.

Mark Kelly says: “DeeExpus is the first project I have worked on outside of Marillion since 1994. It has been a great experience making the King of Number 33 with the band and I'm very excited that earMUSIC have agreed to release the album worldwide, so it gets the exposure it deserves.”


01. Me And My Downfall (6:49)
02. Maybe September (7:29)
03. Marty And The Magic Moose (4:43)
04. King Of Number 33 (26:42)
Chapter I - Paupers Parade
Chapter II - Accession
Chapter III - The Physician And The Traitor
Chapter IV - The Hunt
Chapter V - Neverending Elysium
Chapter VI - Rex Mortuus Est
05. Memo (7:27)