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Rossi continues his solo career

Mittwoch, 02. Februar 2011
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Francis Rossi, singer, songwriter and guitarist of world-renownd Status Quo, started and is launching his solo career with a kick. With his first solo album, coming out a vast 14 years ago, he is ready to jump back in and perform the ideas that have been rippling from his head. The Status Quo frontman has long been regarded as one of the UK’s finest rock performers England has ever produced and his songwriting has been duly recognized by the Classic Songwriter Award and the BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution To Music (jointly with Rick Parfitt). Also being awarded an OBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) in the New Year’s Honours List, London born Francis Rossi is famous for his dry wit and lyrical dash. Alongside his career with Status Quo, Francis also made a name for himslef as a producer and author with various artists such as: Demis Roussos, Graham Bonnet, Johnny DuCann, Mickey Jupp, etc. In 1984 he and Guy Johnson teamed up and co-wrote three songs for Status Quo, pegging a UK Top 20 Hit with “Going Down Town Tonight” as well as UK #42 Single in ‘96.

Finally after selling 118 Million Quo albums world-wide, playing more than 6,000 shows, travelling 4 million miles with an immense 23-year career, Francis has found time to launch off his own solo career and present the new ideas collecting dust in his head the past 14 years.


“I never stop writing songs and melodies but there have been many tracks over the years that just weren’t right for Quo. These songs have been gathering dust in my mind for too long and now seems the right time to let them out into the world. It’s a big step for me – I love these songs so much it hurts!”

-Francis Rossi-


Being his first solo-tour, Francis presents his wonderfully characteristic voice to London at St. Luke’s. This live show now on CD, DVD and Blu-ray features songs from his album “One Step At A Time”, and includes not only Status Quo classics like ‘Caroline’, ‘My Little Heartbreaker’, and ‘Don’t Waste My Time’ but also his solo songs like “Crazy For You”, “One Step At A Time” and “Sleeping On The Job”. Showing his true talent, and being one of the best rockers of our time, he truely demonstrates not only his brilliant song-writing talents, but also his wonderful way with his music and performance skills. With excellent quality, the CD version of “Live At St. Luke’s London” highlights 18 from the 20 songs played at St. Luke’s, clueing the listener in to every chord, beat and sound that took place that night.

The DVD contains the full show as well as an interview with Francis Rossi and the video of “Faded Memory” (the official single taken from his latest studio album “One Step At A Time”) as special bonus. In addition to that, the Blu-ray also includes a 20 min. behind the scene documentary featuring rehearsals, band interviews and soundcheck. Francis’ solo album has allowed him to reveal another side of himself to the rock fraternity and also to step outside the Status Quo machine and indulge himself musically, now experience it in top quality recordings of his mind-blowing live show to really see what he has.