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Savatage's "Sirens" and "The Dungeons Are Calling" as re-isse

Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011
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Sirens & The Dungeons Are Calling: The Complete Session.
Originally released separately in 1983 and 1984 both records are considered to be the two earliest examples of death metal music, with some even calling “Sirens” the first ever death metal album.
“Sirens” is Savatage‘s debut album, originally recorded in 1980 but released in 1983, while “The Dungeons Are Calling” was released in 1984 as a long EP.

“'Sirens' and 'The Dungeons Are Calling' were recorded in one session. The songs were supposed to form our debut LP. It came out too long for vinyl so it was cut in two, our first album (‘Sirens’) and a long EP (‘Dungeons’). For the first time now, the material is being released as one album, exactly as it was conceived.”
(Jon Oliva, July 2010)

Digitally remastered in 2010 both albums will now be released as originally planned including exclusively recorded acoustic versions of “In The Dream” as well as “This Isn’t What We Meant” and “Morning Sun”.