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"Streets- A Rock Opera" now reissued from earMUSIC!

Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011
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earMUSIC announces 

Streets- A Rock Opera”

the official album


and complete catalogue reissue program


“Streets- A Rock Opera“ was one of the most successful albums to come from the American heavy metal group Savatage. This was the second concept album stemming from the idea of the rise and fall DT Jesus, a fictional musician character. In this album DT Jesus has hit a rough patch and is trying to deal with and sort out his life as a drug-dealer and scoundrel in the city of New York.  The idea was written based on a book by the producer Paul O’Niell, previous to his music production work with Savatage.

“Streets” was first only meant as a Broadway play and never as an autobiography, metal concept album. As the recording process was in place, it was sheer coincidence that Jon Oliva’s, Savatage´s songwriter and singer, life situation was lined up the same as the character. 

Savatage started the recording process in October of 1990, finishing and releasing it in 1991 and almost calling it “Gutter Ballet”, (a title the band used for another historical album, recently reissued with Bonus Tracks on earMUSIC CDs) but ultimately decided for “Streets- A Rock Opera”.

From the shredding guitar riffs in “Jesus Saves” and “Streets” to the soft ballads of “Believe” and especially “Heal My Soul”, this album is a definite must-have for any Savatage fan, also including the two acoustic bonus tracks “This Isn’t What We Meant” and “Morning Sun”, recorded by Jon Oliva in 2010.

Being re-released from earMUSIC, this album can now be enjoyed once again after the digital remastering and new digi cover, which is part of the new Savatage reissue program.