Zeige deinen Freunden, dass dir Symfonia gefällt.


TIMO TOLKKI (ex STRATOVARIUS) - guitars ANDRE MATOS (ex ANGRA) - vocals ULI KUSCH (ex HELLOWEEN) - drums JARI KAINULAINEN (ex STRATOVARIUS) - bass MIKKO HÄRKIN (ex SONATA ARCTICA) – keyboard   ...5 top names out of 5 impressive metal bands - it’s enough to have no doubt about the fact that what we have in front of us is the ultimate symphonic metal superband. Founding themselves all living in Scandinavia, they decided to join forces and express their talents in the form of a new melodic metal project: Symfonia honouring the heritage of their previous bands, Symfonia continues their superb melodic metal tradition with an incredible musicianship that is a match made in heaven. This is a force that no serious melodic metal fan will be able to ignore. All the best elements of the great European metal tradition for the last 15 years (with a touch of Latin blood, thanks to the presence of Matos) are present in this new band’s sound. No more words are necessary. Just listen to the 10 songs on their debut album, and nobody can doubt the fact that “In Paradisum” is one of the metal albums of the year.