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Christopher Cross' new album: Doctor Faith

Tuesday, 01. March 2011
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Texas born and raised Christopher Cross is back with his first studio album in the past 12 years- “Doctor Faith”. Doctor Faith has a soft, yet powerful energy about it; from the gentle, down-to-earth lyrics to the intense and radiant musicianship presented, this is definitely going to be an album to remember. With his new band, and special appearances like Michael McDonald, Eric Johnson, David Mann, etc Doctor Faith gleams with a resilience that has not been seen for ages. The swift harmonies intertwined with interesting instrumental choices like the glowing of selected horns in the background, make this a must-hear of the year! “…And there are some songs that call out for Michael McDonald’s voice, and, like “Ride Like The Wind,” this was one of them.” states Cross


“This album feels not only like a new chapter to my career; it feels like starting a whole new book.”



Cross dedicates the album to Joni Mitchell for a lifetime of inspiration.



01. Hey Kid

02. I’m Too Old For This

03. When You Come Home

04. Dreamers

05. November

06. Leave It To me

07. Doctor Faith

08. Rescue

09. Help Me Cry

10. Still I Resist

11. Poor Man’s Ecstasy

12. Evereything

13. Prayin’


7” Vinyl Collector’s Edition:

Side A: Talkin’ ‘Bout Her

Side B: It’s All With You