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“Empire Of The Undead“

“Please, Kai and Dirk, call immediately. The studio is on fire. This is no joke.” GAMMA RAY were just touring South America with their longtime companions Helloween when evil tidings from Eike Freese, their studio copartner in Germany's Hamburg, came in via short message: On November 18th 2013 their very own Hammer Studios fell prey to a major fire.  Fortunately, the first recordings for the eleventh studio album of Germany's heavy metal legends were out of danger. “In the end we were lucky because we could retrieve 90 percent of the equipment”, band leader Kai Hansen looks back three months later, ...


GammaRay 'Empire Of The Undead' lyric sheet Competition

02.07.2014 – Win two signed lyric sheets of the songs Avalon and Demonseed from the final studio session for the new album “Empire of The Undead”.

GAMMA RAY “Empire Of The Undead” Cover & Tracklist

17.02.2014 – 'Empire Of The Undead' will be released as CD, LP, Limited edition CD with extra visual content and a box that features the CD, a shirt and a poster.

GAMMA RAY releasing “Empire Of The Undead” in March 2014

20.12.2013 – It’s more or less done, the wait is over. Finally, the 11th studio album from GAMMA RAY “Empire Of The Undead” is almost* done and ready to go.

Gamma Ray – Master of Confusion Rehearsal Lyric Video

14.03.2013 – Gamma Ray released a rehearsal lyric video to their new song ‘Master of Confusuion. Watch here: