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Brothers Jon and Criss Oliva formed the band Avatar in 1978. Created out of the ashes of their former bands Alien and Tower, Avatar was the first band that brought the brothers together, musically. In 1980, Steve Wacholz met up with and joined the Oliva brothers, where they played the local Tampa and Clearwater clubs together and built a loyal underground following. A year later Keith Collins joined the band, taking over for Jon on the bass guitar. All went relatively smoothly until 1983, when Avatar encountered copyright issues regarding their name. This challenge became an opportunity and, by combining the words “avatar” and “savage,...


Savatage release “Streets: A Rock Opera. Narrated Version + The Video Collection (CD+DVD)

13.08.2013 – Savatage release the final chapter of their succesful re-issue series “Streets: A Rock Opera. Narrated Version + The Video Collection (CD+DVD)” on September 27th, 2013 via earMUSIC

"Streets- A Rock Opera" now reissued from earMUSIC!

25.01.2011 – “Streets- A Rock Opera” the official album will be the second record released as part of a complete reissue program.

Savatage's "Sirens" and "The Dungeons Are Calling" as re-isse

25.01.2011 – earMUSIC announces “Sirens & The Dungeons Are Calling” the new official anthology by SAVATAGE and complete catalogue reissue program