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Ludwig Güttler. Mit Musik Berge versetzen

Ludwig Güttler. Mit Musik Berge versetzen
Genre Books
Release Date 03.11.2011
EAN-Code 9783841900630
Label Edel Books
Pages 256 (30 images)
Dimensions (cm) 25.5 x 19 x 1
ISBN 9783841900630
Author Alexandra Gerlach

“If a gift-horse looks me in the mouth I’d grab it like a shot!” said Ludwig Güttler of himself. Having grown up under circumstances which he quickly found to be too restrictive, he realized early on that he needed to be better than anyone else if he was to escape the conditions he found himself in. This was his motto: “Whatever the circumstances, do what it takes to make the best of where you’re at”.  His pertinacity and independent streak initially thwarted his career. However it was not long before the GDR, striving for international recognition, found they could not do without him. Güttler was now allowed to travel, even to the West. Inevitably the desire to be more than just an advertisement for the state is the result. Güttler presents himself in "Ludwig Güttler - Without Music, Life Would Be a Mistake" as an indomitable spirit, unwilling to oppose his inner voice. An exceptional artist whose name will always be associated with the reconstruction of Dresden’s Frauenkirche.

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