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Rach kocht. Morgens, mittags, abends - lustvoll und gesund

Rach kocht. Morgens, mittags, abends - lustvoll und gesund
Genre Books
Release Date 04.11.2010
EAN-Code 9783941378889
Label Edel Books
Pages 224 (90 images)
Dimensions (cm) 27.7 x 19 x 2
ISBN 9783941378889
Author Christian Rach

When women start dreaming of a slim figure and start counting calories, men are gripped by a terrible dread. Because generally that spells the end of enjoyable meals. It’s time for “healthy foods” and it’s the end of “mouth-watering foods”. Christian Rach has decided to put an end to that cliché and to prove that healthy and enjoyable food is not a contradiction in his kitchen! He proves this in his new cookbook “Rach Cooks – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner” which is full of recipes that are scrumptious as well as healthy and to top it all, they’re really easy to follow. This cookery manual puts an end to all those fears and your dream of healthy cooking finally comes true.

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