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Out of chaos - Ein autobiografisches Bilderbuch

Out of chaos - Ein autobiografisches Bilderbuch
Genre Books
Release Date 08.09.2011
EAN-Code 9783841901033
Label Edel Books
Pages 328 (200 images)
Dimensions (cm) 31 x 22.5 x 2
ISBN 9783841901033
Author Dieter Meier

Dieter Meier on Dieter Meier and “Out of Chaos - An Autobiographical Picture-book”:


It is only rarely that I am gripped by a madness that makes me want to become the creator of those things that have entered my psyche over the years. If we probe deeply into the very shell of Mr. Meier we come across a footprint; it is the imprint of several thousand days, sometimes comical, sometimes dull and pretentious, sometimes just blurred. But it is actually, in effect, always quite unimportant , because that which is relevant will always leave a trace, it will be a lifelong recognition of that which makes up the world and that which makes up my very humble self, that area which is a part of me. We have the conversation with a taxi driver, the concoction of a film, the creation of a text. All of this serves to emphasize the joy of self-recognition in the sense of the wonderful Michel de Montaigne from which Little Dieter can depart this planet in a few decades after a brief visit and move on into the depths of the universe where a perfectly chilled beer awaits him following the Big Bang. Sadly no God can guarantee a dry martini which I do so enjoy throwing back into the sober system after sundown. I have just had to learn to live with it.

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