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Rock'n'Roll Fever

Rock'n'Roll Fever
Genre Books
Release Date 12.10.2010
EAN-Code 9783941378735
Label Edel Books
Pages 160 (100 images)
Dimensions (cm) 30.5 x 22.8 x 2
ISBN 9783941378735
Author Guido Sieber / Franz Dobler

There’s enthusiasm, excess, madness, ludicrousness, tragedy and comedy in the pictures and texts on the history of popular music as presented by the painter Guido Sieber and writer Franz Dobler in “Rock’n’Roll Fever”. It is their unconventional view of the defining area of pop culture from Robert Johnson to Amy Winehouse. They trace the clichés of the history of rock and pop, track musical styles and their evolution and deal with the correlation between mainstream and subculture. And then there is the worldwide effect of popular music on society over the last hundred years ranging from the fusion of the Mafia with the music industry to the fanatical, quasi-religious cult of the star. Sieber distorts these mechanisms, these “symptoms” to the point of recognition. His pictures are star cut-outs of a very different type; there is something feverish about them, even sick, and at the same time they are high-precision works and describe the pop phenomenon in their own,

proper, witty manner. Sieber fever is incurable.