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Das Tomatenbuch - Verführerische Rezepte

Das Tomatenbuch - Verführerische Rezepte
Genre Books
Release Date 15.01.2010
EAN-Code 9783941378636
Label Edel Books
Pages 160 (80 images)
Dimensions (cm) 27.5 x 18.5 x 2
ISBN 9783941378636
Author Karen Schulz
Photographer Klaus Arras

The tomato is an important ingredient in countless dishes: it is a basis for sauces, Caprese and other salads; it can be combined with pasta dishes or even beautifully stuffed as a main course. Its favourite herbal partner is the Mediterranean basil leaf. This versatile fruit also impresses in more unusual combinations. In addition to some surprising as well as classical recipes, "The Tomato Book - Tempting Recipes" includes all the different sorts of tomatoes – red ones, yellow and even green ones, from giant tomatoes to tiny little fruit displaying sweet, acidic or herbal notes. And it’s becoming easier and easier to find these new varieties these days. "The Tomato Book"– indispensible for anyone who loves tomatoes.


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