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Sebastian Deisler - Zurück ins Leben

Sebastian Deisler - Zurück ins Leben
Genre Books
Release Date 08.10.2009
EAN-Code 9783941378285
Label Edel Books
Pages 256 (30 images)
Dimensions (cm) 25.5 x 19.2 x 2
ISBN 9783941378285
Author Michael Rosentritt

The story of Sebastian Deisler is that of a young man, who is considered to be one of the finest football talents of the century, who became the playmaker of the German national team at the age of 21 and who said “Yes” to FC Bayern München for a transfer fee valued at 20 million DM. It is also the story of an immature youth, stylized as a saviour, the property of a grasping public, suffering from enormous physical and emotional damage who withdrew ever further into himself. A few days after his 27th birthday, he retired – exhausted, demoralized, a broken man.

Then he disappeared from the scene entirely.  It was the slow death of a media icon and we watched as Sebastian Deisler, the public person, continued to vanish as the years rolled on.

In “Sebastian Deisler – Back to Life”, Sebastian Deisler tells of his love and enthusiasm for football, but also of his fears, his self-doubt his depression and his failure.  He tells too of his painful route back into a normal life, the path from extraordinary footballer to the normal individual that is Sebastian Deisler.


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