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Richtig Wild! Die neue Wildküche von Wachtel bis Wildschwein

Richtig Wild! Die neue Wildküche von Wachtel bis Wildschwein
Genre Books
Release Date 04.09.2008
EAN-Code 9783941378049
Label Edel Books
Pages 128 (100 images)
Dimensions (cm) 28.5 x 21.5 x 1
ISBN 9783941378049
Author Michael Wollenberg

Following the recent introduction of new EU guidelines, game may now also be supplied direct by the hunter. This opens up a whole range of fresh opportunities for marketing game – just the right time for the release of a modern, top-of-the-range cookbook with innovative recipes for every sort of game!

In “Game Cooking! The New A-Z of Game Cooking”, the acclaimed Hamburg chef Michael Wollenberg, who principally serves game in his Restaurant “Wattkorn”, presents his finest game recipes – easy to follow and

always incredibly tasty! The book describes the preparation and storage of game before moving on to the recipe section. The delicious recipes, using the world’s finest organic meat stretch from appetizers to desserts by way of main dishes.

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