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Soldatenglück - Mein Leben nach dem Überleben

Soldatenglück - Mein Leben nach dem Überleben
Genre Books
Release Date 02.03.2012
EAN-Code 9783841900920
Label Edel Books
Pages 288 (30 images)
Dimensions (cm) 25 x 18.5 x 1
ISBN 9783841900920
Author Robert Sedlatzek-Müller

Going to war could end in survival or it could end in death, the result could all be down to that little grain of luck known as “a soldier’s fortune” by those who risk their lives time and again on active service. The elite soldier Robert Sedlatzek-Müller describes his fortunate to have miraculously survived a rocket attack in Afghanistan in "Soldier's Fortune - Living After Having Survived". Yet, since that time he has found that everything has changed for him. He has been plagued by massive fears and feelings of aggression; he has become alienated from his family and his surroundings. Time passes before he becomes aware that this is all the result of a condition that more and more soldiers are affected by on their return home from their tours of duty: it is known as PTSD, in other words, posttraumatic stress disorder. He is now faced with a whole new battle, one that is not covered by the guidebooks of the military – the battle to return to a normal life, the battle for recognition of PTSD as an occupational disease and a battle against the ignorance prevalent in the political arena and in society.



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