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EarBooks: Pictures for the Ears

Monday, 06. October 2003
Edel Germany GmbH – Pressemitteilung – earBOOKS

edel music launches new book/CD format

Hamburg - edel music AG, Europe’s leading independent music company, is presenting it’s innovative concept EarBooks, a new product configuration that will be marketed through book stores and music retail outlets. The EarBooks concept combines high quality coffee-table books in almost vinyl album size with topic-related music CDs, that are integrated into the book covers with the help of a new, stylish and handy packaging technique.

The first EarBooks titles will be released in November and shall retail at 30 Euros. Topics of the first series include “Moods of La Habana” with photos of US star photographer Robert Polidori and Cuban music, “Love my Jazz” with portraits of legendary jazz musicians by Italian photographer Giuseppe Pino and related recordings, and a volume containing pictures of Venice from the legendary David Hamilton. Other titles cover topics such as meditation (“Pure Senses”), US glamour cars from the fifties, sixties and seventies (“American Beauties”) and  Carmen / spanish flamenco (“Carmen’s Dance”).

The response to the new audiovisual format has so far been very positive, especially from within the book trade. Jens Quindt, Managing Director of edel’s classic division, which is handling the EarBooks project, states: “The conceptional integration of photos and music into a new product with a high emotional value is convincing most of our partners. Many people ask us why nobody has done this before.”

The idea for the new product series comes from Michael Haentjes (47), founder and CEO of the Hamburg/Germany based edel music group. Besides its core business which targets the CD and DVD market, edel music has had remarkable success with the marketing of music books, calendars and t-shirts. The launch of the EarBooks project has been inspired by the success of CD digipaks and the ongoing popularity of vinyl records: „A lot of CD albums come with very aesthetic booklets, but due to their small size, they don’t really make a significant sensual impact. I wanted a new, well packaged product with a high emotional appeal, that can be physically experienced”, he says.

edel is handling the realisation of the EarBooks project falling back mainly on it’s own resources. The company, home of over 700 European employees, is capable of marketing, PR and distribution organisations in all European markets. The group also owns a German state-of-the-art replication plant including an own printing unit, where the EarBooks manufacturing is coordinated.

After the German launch in in November 2003, edel will also start to market and distribute the EarBooks series through its worldwide network of subsidiaries and license partners.

product: coffee-table books including two to four CDs, DVDs or CD-ROMs
design/finish: 28 x 28 cm hardcover with CD integration, 112-120 pages 
topics: artists, stars, events, lifestyle, art/architecture, erotic, travelling, among others
music: individually compiled; music and mood related to the pictures
photography: well known photographers, high quality printing
print: high quality offset photo print, 150 gms paper
manufacturing and distribution through optimal media production 
retail: book stores, music retail, Internet, non-traditional outlets
price: approx. 30 euros (retail)


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