Zeige deinen Freunden, dass dir Gregorian gefällt.


Masters of Chant – The Original – Gregorian – 10 years anniversary tour In 1999 Gregorian’s triumphal procession has begun with their fist release of the “Masters of Chant”- series. The originator of this brilliant idea, Frank Peterson, who was already successful together with Michael Cretu and the project Enigma, realized his concept of merging pop and choral music.
Peterson, personally a huge fan of medieval convents and their music, created an absolutely independent music genre, which has been able to be well-established down to the present. He made it happen, that the public interest has been put on this kind of music and also, that it is commercially
In a time, where there is hardly any time for thoughtful moments, Gregorian has become a phenomenon. Gregorian’s music and concerts offer the possibility of contemplation in a wonderful way: the audience gets the chance from their day-to-day-routine, not only because of their music, but also because of their unique presentation.
A choir with a guarantee for success celebrates its 10 years anniversary – with a new album and a tour.
Since the founding of the chorus, year after year, scores of fans all over the word wait impatiently for vital signs. In the year of Gregorian’s 10 years anniversary, fans are not going to be disappointed.
The anniversary will be celebrated with a new album “Masters of Chant Vol. VII” (release date
25.09.2009) and a tour starting off in October with concerts in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finnland, Ukraine, Poland, Croatia and many more. In November and December 2009 Gregorian will perform in Germany, in 24 cities.
Before the tour kicks off Gregorian performed on the occasion of Papst Benedict XVI’s visit in Israel in the antique Roman amphitheatre “Beit She’an”. This mega event will be broadcasted in 25 countries throughout the year.
Gregorian’s excellent musical quality has previously been honoured in several occasions: it was part of the “Harry Potter”, “Lord Of The Rings” and “Star Wars” soundtracks.
4.8 million sold CDs and DVDs and more than 1 million enthusiastic concert visitors – facts that speak a clear language: Gregorian has been able to gain fans in Europe, South America, Asia, South Africa, Mexico and the USA in all age groups – and these numbers are constantly growing. The repeatedly international chart successes, gold and platin awards make clear, that Frank
Peterson’s time is not over yet. Far from it! The concept, to integrate well-known melodies that are converted in a completely new sound, to the timeless world of gregorian choruses works and seems to be inexhaustible. 8 professional in classic-music-skilled singers, dressed in cowls, and a backing
group, are going to prove this during their anniversary tour with a spectacular light show with flames, laser and projection effects.