Engel, Bengel & Musik Gesamtedition

Engel, Bengel & Musik Gesamtedition
Genre Musikvideo Klassik
Release Date 27.11.2009
EAN-Code 782124167080
Label Berlin Classics
Playtime 08:30:00
Artist Dresdner Kreuzchor
Composer various

For three whole years the MDR broadcaster accompanied the tradition-steeped boys'
choir of the Kreuzkirche in its day-to-day affairs. Strictly organised rehearsals contrast
with the day-to-day life of a choirboy and the burden of combining schoolwork and
choral duties seems dispelled by the sheer joy and passion the boys have for singing.

It is fascinating to observe the sense of responsibility the boys, large and small, take in their daily dealings with each other, how they organise their lives, while remaining very much normal boys. Observers joined them when they had to move out of their school and boarding quarters into less comfortable "exile accommodation" during renovation, and were able to share in their relief when it was all over and they were able to return to their traditional home.

Here is the entire documentary series on the Kreuzchor for all those that missed it first
time round: all three episodes in one slipcase!

Der Kreuzchor
Die Aufnahmeprüfung und das Spiel des Jahres
Der Kreuzchor
Luca's Leben als Kruzianer beginnt
Der Kreuzchor
Die erste Vesper im neuen Schuljahr
Der Kreuzchor
Konzert in der Frauenkirche