Zeige deinen Freunden, dass dir DURAN DURAN gefällt.


The stats on DURAN DURAN are remarkable: a total of over 80 million records sold, 18 American hit singles, 30 UK top 30 tunes, and a global presence which guarantees them huge concert audiences on five continents. More remarkable still is the way they have achieved this, fusing pop music, art and fashion with a unique sense of style and confidence. Formed in Birmingham, England in 1978, by keyboardist Nick Rhodes and bassist John Taylor, Duran Duran’s early sound was an exciting stew of influences: the soul music of their youth, the vibrant New York underground music scene of the 1970’s spearheaded by the New York Dolls and Velvet ...


'All You Need Is Now' from Duran Duran's new hit album!

31.03.2011 – Brand new video of the official single taken from the new Duran Duran studio album "All You Need Is Now" recently released from earMUSIC March 18th. Be sure to listen!

Duran Duran sign to earMUSIC

28.02.2011 – Famous Duran Duran signs to earMUSIC and is making a commotion with their new album "All You Need Is Now". Make sure to read all the new news to come while Duran Duran continues their stardom with their new label!