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The Full Service Operation for Music, Film and Media Products

The Full Service Operation for Music, Film and Media Products

With the focus on our objective of best possible placement of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and LPs in the recorded music retail trade, we at Edel:Distribution deploy effective sales strategies. For over 30 years we have met all label and market requirements – thanks to our flexibility and efficient systems.

The Labels and Audiobook Publishers on our roster offer a wide range of entertainment repertoire. So we can boast sales expertise across the fields of rock, pop, metal and dance albums, classics and jazz, children’s records and audiobooks, through to crime series, history documentaries and fitness formats.

Our Sales Team is made up in Germany and Austria of field sales service and key account management, working in-house alongside our label management. This is our team handling the most important recorded music markets, the specialist retail trade and the book, game and NTO area.

Label Management prepares each release in close cooperation with its label partners and our sales team. This allows us to set the scene perfectly for best possible sales outcomes and makes us fast and flexible along the whole line of product performance.

The Key Account Team handles all major entertainment-supplying customers. Over time it has built up contacts to mail-order suppliers, chain-store operators and non traditional outlets (NTOs) and works with them in close cooperation to develop marketing campaigns, special editions and special placements.

Our Field Sales takes personal responsibility for comprehensive trade presence in all regions of its sales area. It looks after all relevant branches of entertainment-offering electrical goods markets and works closely together with recorded music retailers, where it applies special placements and POS marketing.

Together with our Digital Sales Operation Kontor New Media we offer labels an unparalleled 360° service model. This means that we can ensure digital release alongside physical release in all sales channels and offer a complete in-house service package.

In all our activities we place great weight on transparency and communication. From the advance sales phase through the entire exploitation cycle, covering follow-up marketing, tour and campaign sales, we continuously advise our partners on sales developments in the retail trade – including stock control, returns and efficiency assessment for marketing tools.

Supplementing classical sales and marketing contracts we offer individually tailored contractual arrangements for cooperation on various levels of the sales operation. In addition we take care as required of pressing, assembly and storage, organize promotion and plan marketing strategies.

Our internationally active label Brilliant Classics enables us to offer a worldwide sales and distribution network for classical and jazz labels, expanding our sphere of operation as one of Europe’s strongest entertainment providers.

Our Customer Service Team offers expert support and advice to the retail trade.
Solution-focused, strong and stable, we react promptly to the needs and wishes of our customers, setting standards for teamwork.
Our Vendor Managed Inventory Team (VMI) works closely with our retail customers to achieve optimum stock availability.

You can contact our Customer Service at:

+49 (0) 40 / 89 085 – 100