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Edel Books, the Hamburg imprint of the Edel Publishing Group, was founded in 2007 as Edel AG’s first publisher. It is the home of books with and about extraordinary personalities and popular titles about exciting topics in society, food and lifestyle.

With dozens of best-sellers from the fields of biography, media, culture and cuisine, plus well-known authors and personalities like Guido Maria Kretschmer and Michael Nast, Edel Books has secured its place in the German book market in recent years as a successful publisher of popular non-fiction books.

Edel Books publishes both original editions and licensed reissues of international top titles. These include the food titles of Phaidon, world leader in cuisine and fine arts, a partner in Germany of the Edel Publishing Group. Among Edel’s most important German licensing and media partners are all the major TV stations and press organs along with the German Football Association (DFB). The Moewig label has exclusive rights to the books of the successful science fiction series Perry Rhodan and to the cookery books published by kochen & genießen magazine.

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Edel Books
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