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With its claim Wir sind edel. Wir sind wild. Wir schaffen Literatur in Herzschrift.* edel & electric introduces itself as a new imprint of the Edel Publishing Group. The new venture launched its first programme in October 2015, presenting a range of fascinating titles striking out in different directions. The imprint will be publishing literary texts under the direction of digital and literature expert Karla Paul. The programme will be innovative, without being tied to a specific genre or format, so as to make inquisitive readers hungry for more.

A key focus will be on strong new voices, on self-assured, polarizing texts and innovative teamwork between digital life and the world of literature.

edel & electric is keen to probe new trends and enable authors and readers to engage in literary experiments.

* “We are edel. We are wild. We create literature in the notation of the heart.” The idea of Herzschrift (“heart script”) comes from the electrocardiogram (ECG) (from ancient Greek καρδία kardía ‘heart’ and γράμμα grámma ‘writing’), which represents in graphic form the total electrical activity of the heart muscle tissue.

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Karla Paul
Publishing Line Edel Elements
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Neumühlen 17
22763 Hamburg
T +49 40 890 85 293

E-mail: Karla.paul@edel.com