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About Eden Books

After all, the best tales are written from life. This is the publishing house for books and people and stories that move the soul – for readers with heart and head.

Eden Books is a young Berlin publisher in the Edel Publishing Group. Our aim is to entertain, to  move and to inspire.

We go through the world with our eyes open, we talk to people, we explore their life stories, which today more than ever are marked by watersheds. From union “till death us do part” we have come to partners for successive stages of our lives, instead of a lifelong employer we must get used to reorienting ourselves and starting something new.

The need for constant reorientation can daunt us – or else it can make us grab the opportunities and make the most of them.

There are people who show us how it’s done, who never give in. We call them authors. We aim to make capital out of their stories, learn from them. We are interested in how other people react to crises, how they reinvent themselves, how they keep calm and carry on when a chapter of their life comes to an end. Our books take the listener into other worlds, other lives, they open up surprising new perspectives.

Our aim is that our books should give reassurance and conjure up a smile even in times of great stress. Everyone writes their own story. We write ours.

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Eden Books
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10178 Berlin

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Personal Contact:
Marion Nielsen
E-mail: presse@edenbooks.de

Publishing Line
Jennifer Kroll
E-Mail: hallo@edenbooks.de