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About Pandastorm Pictures GmbH

The busy Berlin label has officially belonged to the Edel Group since October 2015: Pandastorm Pictures markets feature films and series in all channels of consumer demand, from cinema to home entertainment, video-on-demand and TV sales through to airline and covermount. The Pandastorm range is wide and varied, from French romantic comedies by way of horror thrillers to children’s series. That said, there are certain genres and niches markets in which Pandastorm Pictures feels particularly at home.

The big programme brand for Pandastorm is the film series “Großes Kino – Große Geschichte”, meaning “great cinema – great (hi)story”,

dealing with historical subjects.
It includes familiar works by great directors such as Spike Lee’s “Miracle at Santa Anna” and Andrzej Wajda’s “Katyn”. SF is another of Pandastorm’s strong points. Good examples are “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda”, Amblin Entertainment’s “Earth 2” and most recently Universal’s “Killjoys – Space Bounty Hunters”.

The quality of the films and series is as important to Pandastorm Pictures as their marketability, and the label puts real passion into presenting them to their audience.

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Pandastorm Pictures GmbH
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Personal Contact:
Larissa Koy

E-mail: info@pandastorm.com