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Edel:Kids – Bright worlds, wide eyes

Edel:Kids is the children’s home entertainment brand for the Edel label group. It is one of the most important repertoire companies in the child segment and is among the strongest suppliers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Its audio and DVD releases on topics like The Little Prince, Pettersson und Findus, Barbie, Dragons, Yakari and Mia and me have entrenched the label in the bedrooms of countless children. Dramatizations in support of various film productions such as Trolls, Ice Age, Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda and new recordings of song albums and audio narratives for familiar toys and games complement the portfolio of this diversified children’s label.

Physical and digital distribution of the beautifully designed Edel:Kids range is handled by Edel’s own sales organization.

The world’s top film studios license their content to Edel:Kids: DreamWorks, 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., along with toymakers like Hasbro, Mattel and Zapf, German TV stations like children’s channel KiKA, SuperRTL and ZDF, and leading licensing agencies. Since 2010 the label has owned the rights to the animated TV series and cinema films of Pettersson und Findus, to which it has the complete merchandising rights.

Complementary to its wide range of opportunities for exploitation, Edel:Kids offers its partners the complete set-up, its operation and the development of webshops.

In addition, the label functions as full service provider in the successful implementation of cross category marketing and offers the complete handling of trade campaigns – from assembly and packaging to delivery through to final invoicing.

Since 2013 Edel:Kids and media enterprise WunderWerk, one of the leading German production companies in the field of child and family entertainment, have been running the jointly owned licensing label WunderWelt. The two companies have been in control of the full range of children’s product for decades – from the original TV shows to follow-up DVDs, audio plays, books and other formats including all marketing and market development strategies – and have contributed these skills to the agency. Their years of experience in this segment have given them excellent contacts and relationships with production companies and with the trade. The licensing portfolio focuses on licence topics that are solidly established in the market as brands and have the potential to be classics. WunderWelt is committed to long-term market strategies and professional marketing.

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Andrea zum Felde
General Manager
E-mail: andrea.zum.felde@edel.com
T +49 40 890 85 104

Claudia Radtke
Head of Licensing
E-mail: claudia.radtke@edel.com
T +49 40 890 85 630

Niclas Meier
Junior PR- & Social Media Manager
E-mail: niclas.meier@edel.com
T +49 40 890 85 283