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Edel Elements can call upon many years of experience in digital publishing and has scored notable successes in this segment. The imprint accompanies the reissue of backlist titles and the works of premium authors through all the stages of evaluation and marketing in pursuit of maximum sales outcome.

Authors, agencies and rights holders in the fiction genre will find Edel Elements equipped for digital first editions or reprints and open to all new approaches from complete manuscripts to initial ideas. Edel Elements sees great rediscovery potential in backlist titles, with appreciable sales opportunities in the digital book market.

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So arose a unique, self-contained history of music on record. From the 1990s onwards, this legacy was maintained and progressively extended in the Berlin Classics label. Artists like Ludwig Güttler, Theo Adam and Peter Schreier continued to value their long association with the label; the Dresden Kreuzkirche choir celebrated its 800 years of existence together with Berlin Classics.

As it has always done in the past, the label supports a host of other musicians and singers who enjoy success on the concert platform and on CD, vinyl and digital media. These high-calibre artists, among them Christiane Karg, Ragna Schirmer, Felix Klieser, Sebastian Knauer, Matthias Kirschnereit, Concerto Köln and German Brass, continue to enrich the Berlin Classics catalogue, profiting from its many years of expertise in marketing, promotion and placement. The consequence is high-end product

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