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About Neue Meister

The Neue Meister label dedicates itself to the young generation of composers. This is a generation that sees no boundaries between the classical orchestra world, experimental art, electronica and pop music. Since its start-up in January 2016, Neue Meister has embraced this diversity with a steadily growing roster of international artists such as Federico Albanese, Johannes Motschmann,

Christian Jost, Tamar Halperin, Sven Helbig, Arash Safaian, John Kameel Farah and Nigel Kennedy. These “new masters” combine the classical tradition with current musical influences and couple respect for their art with the willingness to take risks. Their sound spectrum ranges from minimal piano to electric trio, from orchestral to choral.

Neue Meister live

Edel:Kultur // Neue Meister
Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 14
10178 Berlin

Personal Contact:
Celina Celebi

E-mail: info@neue-meister-music.com