Print, Press & Performance

Our subsidiary optimal media, based in Röbel/Müritz, has over 700 employees and operates at a production facility covering an area of over 100,000 m2. The media service provider is equipped with a pressing plant and printing house that make it one of the most modern and innovative businesses of its kind. It serves a clientele comprising all the renowned record companies, film producers and publishers. Edel and optimal work closely together to provide their customers with a unique service.

Printing Plant

The company’s printing house specialises in books and commercial printing. It creates excellent printed products, including image cultivation, attractive books and brochures, magazines, multimedia materials and packaging. optimal is competent and dedicated at every stage of its implementation, from devising the concept through the graphic design stage, printing and refinement to further processing. optimal was nominated “art printer of the year” in 2016.


Senior Sales Manager
T +49 40 2981205 51



optimal’s pressing plant sees to every stage of the in-house production process, creating first-class CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and vinyl records: from pre-mastering and authoring through data media production to the creation of printed matter. To this end, optimal works in consultation with its customers to develop tailored packaging solutions, ranging from conventional packaging through editions to box sets.


Head of International Sales
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The Logistics & Fulfilment Centre ensures cost-effective warehousing and worldwide distribution. Its order picking process can be manual, fully automated or somewhere in between. Its services include returns and transport management, lettershop services, compiling assortments, setting up displays and webshop solutions. optimal can provide individual services or manage an entire chain of processes, serving consumers as well as other businesses. Over 25,000 pallet spaces, 20,000 spaces in the fully automated warehouse and over 60,000 picking stations attest to a very high level of productivity.


Leitung Vertrieb & Marketing
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Audio Mastering

optimal’s audio mastering studio sector5 ensures optimum sound quality and precision. Equipped with the finest analogue and digital equipment and many years of experience, the studio masters CDs, vinyl (DMM and lacquer mastering) and audio files. sector5’s proximity to the production site ensures swift processing of the vinyl cuttings, thus maintaining high sound quality.


Studio Manager Audio Mastering
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optimal’s authoring studio and encoding house press9 processes films, series and music. The studio is certified by iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and Google and produces audiovisual content on DVD, Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray and all digital VoD platforms worldwide. press9 takes care of every step of the process, from quality inspections and delivery to archiving.


Studio Manager Authoringstudio
T +49 30 2888379 30