Edel is one of Europe’s leading independent music companies, with a further focus on books and home entertainment. We offer artists, authors, labels, publishers and other rights holders a unique range of products and services. Together, we take all steps from marketing to digital and physical distribution to the production of vinyl records, CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays as well as books. With over 1,000 employees in the Edel Family, we take care of the works of our partners.


We have been managing the releases of international artists, labels and brands since 1986, bringing together the best names and a diverse repertoire with a wide reach. We have publishing expertise in almost every genre. We offer comprehensive marketing, physical distribution in all trade channels and the production of records, CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays from a single source. At the same time, our digital distributor Kontor New Media ensures perfect marketing in streaming and other digital channels. In this way, we occupy broad areas in all market segments and regularly reach international chart-topping positions.


With locations in Hamburg and Munich, the Edel Publishing Group is one of Germany’s largest independent book suppliers. The group includes the publishing houses ZS, Dr. Oetker Verlag, Edel Sports and KARIBU. In addition to the imprints of Edel Verlagsgruppe, our sales organization Edel Book Sales looks after the book distribution business of Wort & Bild, falkemedia, BUNTE, Distanz Verlag and Junior Medien in both sales and distribution.
Thanks to a wide variety of programs in the guidebook, popular nonfiction and children’s book product groups, the publishers have built up a loyal readership, enormous traction and a broad presence in the trade, as well as top positions in the cooking and baking, beverage, health and sports book markets. Strong brands such as Ernährungs-Docs, Dr. Oetker, Leo Lionni and Pettersson & Findus, prominent authors from children’s books (Annette Roeder, Juma Kliebenstein, Marliese Arold), competitive sports (Thomas Müller, Stefan Kretzschmar, Laura Ludwig), culinary arts (Charles Schumann, Hugh Johnson, Jens Priewe, Tarik Rose) and medicine (Gustav Dobos, Dietrich Grönemeyer, Pablo Hagemeyer), as well as well-known TV faces (Elena Uhlig & Fritz Karl, Collien Ulmen-Fernandez, Franziska Rubin) and social media stars (Sophia Thiel, Sarah Harrison, Monica Meier-Ivancan) stand for our high-quality books, which always have their finger on the pulse in terms of content. The Edel publishing group is part of the listed Edel SE & Co. KGaA.


Edel has been present in the home entertainment sector for more than 15 years and works with almost all important national and international licensors. We offer a diverse programme of series and films and comprehensive services for our partners, such as comprehensive marketing, physical distribution in all trade channels and the production of DVDs, Blu-rays and special editions from a single source. With our own authoring studio and encoding house, we provide the processing of audiovisual content and bring it to every physical format and market it on all digital VoD platforms worldwide – of course certified by iTunes, Netflix, Amazon and Google.

Our YouTube-certified digital distributor Kontor New Media grants perfect coordination possibilities for the release of film and series content of all kinds.

optimal media

Our subsidiary optimal media, based in Röbel/Müritz, employs more than 750 people and operates on a production area of around 130,000 square meters.
The company is one of the most successful European media service providers with headquarters in Röbel an der Müritz and branches in Berlin and Hamburg.
Its customers include well-known music labels, software houses, film studios, advertising agencies, media and book publishers, industrial customers and public-sector clients in Germany and abroad.
Working closely together, Edel and optimal media offer their customers a unique service.

optimal media stands for the complete in-house production of first-class CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs and records. The company’s own audio mastering studio sector5 also provides fine-tuning of the sound. Equipped with the best analog and digital equipment and many years of know-how, the studio masters CDs, vinyls (DMM and lacquer processes) and audio files.

The in-house print shop specializes in book and commercial printing. It creates excellent print products, such as image products, fine books and brochures, magazines, multimedia printed matter and packaging. optimal media is known for top quality and is also the largest full-service publishing print shop in northern Germany.

The logistics and fulfillment center ensures cost-effective warehousing and worldwide distribution. Order picking ranges from manual to fully automated. Over 60,000 pallet spaces, 20,000 spaces in the fully automated warehouse and over 75,000 picking trays bear witness to its efficiency.
The services also include returns and transport management, assortment compilations, display equipment and webshop solutions. optimal media handles individual services or controls the entire process chain – B2B or B2C.

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