Edel Kids is honored with the Licensing International Germany Industry Award 2023

Andrea Witthöft, Andrea zum Felde und Claudia Radtke

after the award ceremony

Andrea zum Felde, General Manager of Edel Kids

Nuremberg, 22nd November 2023

Edel Kids, one of the leading brands infamily entertainment in Germany and part of the Edel Group, proudly announces the receipt of the prestigious Licensing Industry Award 2023. During the annual Licensing Convention on Tuesday evening, the highly sought-after Licensing Awards were presented. The world’s leading association in media licenses, brands, and merchandising acknowledges the industry’s best for their outstanding achievements in the licensing industry.
The Licensing Industry Award recognizes companies that have significantly shaped and influenced the licensing sector over decades.
After years of successful existence, the Edel Kids label is now honored for its remarkable work and influence in the children’s entertainment licensing industry with the reception of this award. The joy at Edel Kids was beyond words as Peter Hollo, Lead Consultant Licensing International Germany, presented the award to Andrea zum Felde, General Manager of the label.

“Receiving the Licensing Industry Award 2023 is an incredible honor for us. It crowns our successful work and marks a remarkable moment, especially as we celebrate our 25th anniversary in 2024. It fills us with pride to see our longstanding dedication and commitment in the children’s entertainment sector acknowledged by this prestigious award. This recognition is a testament to our work and a motivation to continue our path, creating high-quality entertainment products for children.”

As one of the strongest home entertainment brands in the children’s segment, Edel Kids has continuously worked on providing high-quality entertainment for young audiences since its establishment in 1999. The Edel Group, to which Edel Kids belongs, is a family-run media company offering diverse entertainment options. Edel Kids focuses on producing television series, audio storyteller, video formats, and music based on successful licensed themes from formats such asseries/films, books or toy brands in the family sector. The label has secured a prominent place incountless children’s rooms by releasing high-quality audio storyteller, DVD and digital
productions based on popular themes like “Petterson and Findus”, “Miraculous”, “Spirit”, “Barbie”, “Dragons” or “Mia and Me.” As an expert in the marketing field, Edel Kids collaborates with international companies such as Universal/DreamWorks, Warner Bros., Mattel, Hasbro, 20th Century Fox, KiKA, SuperRTL and many others through extensive cross-media and cross-industry partnerships. The physical and digital distribution of the lovingly crafted Edel Kids products takes place through Edel’s proprietary distribution channels.

“I sincerely thank my outstanding team, our longstanding partners for their consistently trusting collaboration and of course the colleagues at our inhouse distribution partners, Edel Distribution and Kontor New Media.”
Andrea zum Felde, General Manager Edel Kids

“Thanks to the commitment of Andrea zum Felde’s team, Edel Kids is one of the important pillars of the Edel Group. We are delighted for the team and also for our many license partners that the success of recent years has been recognized.”
Jonas Haentjes, CEO Edel SE & Co. KGaA

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